Welcome To Our Family of Faith

What should I expect on my first visit?

From the moment you pull into the parking lot, you’ll feel welcome at Faith Christian Outreach. Our friendly parking team will assist you in finding the most convenient available parking. At the doors you’ll be greeted by our caring greeters that are ready to assist you in finding anything you need–including our safe computerized children’s check-in services. Don’t forget to visit our Guest Services desk in the lobby to receive your free visitors gift bag loaded with helpful information and a free gift.

What is unique about a Faith Christian Outreach service?

Every Faithco service is predictably unpredictable. You can be assured that no two services are exactly alike. The same great elements are always there–like great praise and worship, relevant teaching, vivid illustrations and life changing moments with God. Life is surround sound, full color and sensory overload. Shouldn’t church be too?

What should I wear?

We believe it’s what’s inside a person that matters most–not the outside. At Faith Christian Outreach, we feel people should be able to come as they are and who they are, and not feel judged. Faithco is about being yourself. If you like to dress up or dress down, either way you’ll find yourself fitting right in with people who genuinely care about you.

What is the weekend’s message?

Each message series is carefully designed with people like you in mind: real people looking for real answers to issues they face every day. At Faith Christian Outreach, we’re teaching God’s timeless truths from the Bible that speak to where you are living today…in your family, finances, career, and your relationship with God. If it’s real life and important for today, you can be sure at Faithco that we’re talking about it and in ways that don’t require a theology degree to understand it.

I’ve been coming for a few weeks…

If you haven’t been to Growth Track, make sure to sign up for the next one. There isn’t a better place to learn more about Faith Christian Outreach, meet other people and get to know our friendly staff.

Once you complete Newcomers, the next step is Growth Track. Growth Track is a positive learning environment where you can find out how to thrive in your relationship with God…and gain a greater understanding of God’s purpose for your life.

These creative sessions will inspire and equip you for your new life in Christ. The three-week series meets on Wednesday nights (beginning the week after Newcomers) and are hosted in a relaxed, friendly environment. Growth Track is an awesome way for you to meet other people and build great friendships at Faithco.


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