Faithco Kids

When it comes to children’s ministry, we know that kids thrive when they are in an age-specific interactive environment that is fun and educational. Faithco Kids is the best place for your kids to be on Sunday mornings!

Thanks to our electronic check-in system, parents enjoy a safe and convenient way to check their children into class.

NURSERY (Birth to 1 year old)

The nursery provides tender loving care for our precious little ones. Faithco Church believes in ministering to the needs of every age group, including our littlest members. While parents enjoy the adult services, they can rest assured that their babies are receiving personal care in a safe and nurturing environment. Our qualified volunteers create a positive church experience that introduces infants to a love for Jesus early on.


We know that preschoolers love to learn, which is why each preschool classroom provides interactive learning experiences in a colorful and engaging atmosphere. From illustrated Bible lessons to hands-on activities and crafts, preschoolers learn God’s Word in bite-size bits.

Pre-K to 1st grade

Growing minds want to know! That’s what makes this class so exciting. We break down God’s Word into bite-size pieces that we frost with fun and deliver in innovative and creative ways that this age enjoys and relates to.

Each week overflows with imagination as your child learns about the Bible through worship, crafts, age-appropriate Bible lessons and application activities. This just might be their favorite hour of the week.

Group of children sitting on the floor, engaging in a group activity indoors.

Elementary (2nd – 5th Grades)

Each weekend your child, second through fifth grade, can be a part of an exciting and active environment filled with songs, games, and lovable characters that teach Godly values at an age-appropriate level. Our weekend services meet at the same time as adult services, and are designed for all children from 2nd through 5th grade. So while you are experiencing the creative, life-changing worship of Faithco, your children are experiencing it as well. Elementary combines high-energy activities with Bible-based teaching for boys and girls in 2nd through 5th grades. A combination of games and fun-filled songs capture kids’ attention while also showing them that living for God is the best thing out there. The Word of God comes alive to these students with the help of media segments, interactive stories, and captivating object lessons. For more information about Faithco Kids and the role you can play in impacting the lives of these kids, please call 275-2988 or e-mail us at

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