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Church wide fast January 18th-24th
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DISCOVERY is a 2 week class where you learn your purpose in the body of Christ. If you are new to FaithCO, you will learn more about our church. It is also a great opportunity to meet the leaders of the church.
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Pulse youth is designed with kids 6th-12th grade in mind. Every Wednesday at 6:15 Pulse attendees enjoy a pre service home cooked meal, volleyball, basketball and gaming opportunities, followed with great worship led by our own youth band & life changing messages designed to speak specifically to the issues faced by today's youth.
Every Wednesday @ 7:00pm

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Building Faith Update:

Cash Contributions: $1,014,900

4 Principles of Giving
1. Systematic Giving - Within my daily budget, what can I give?

2. Sacrificial Giving - What can I do without that can be given financially?

3. Supplemental Giving - What other sources of income can be created to give? Garage sales, baking, yard work, business opportunities? What jobs or business endeavors can I allocate to the Building Faith Campaign.

4. Supernatural Giving - What will God do if I will step out on faith with a direction I hear from him on? He can multiply beyond our thinking!

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With friends, we laugh, have fun, share our experiences, and help each other through difficult times.

That's why Faith Christian Outreach has created FRIENDS (connect groups) home groups where you can connect with people who have similar interests in a relaxed environment 

What to expect on my first visit?

From the moment you pull into the parking lot, you'll feel welcome at Faith Christian Outreach. Our friendly parking team will assist you in finding the most convenient available parking. At the doors you'll be greeted by our caring greeters that are ready to assist you in finding anything you need--including our safe computerized children's check-in services. Don't forget to visit our Guest Services desk in the lobby to receive your free visitors gift bag loaded with helpful information and a free gift.

I've been coming for a few weeks...
What's next?

If you haven't been to Discovery, make sure to sign up for the next one. There isn't a better place to learn more about Faith Christian Outreach, meet other people and get to know our friendly staff.... Learn More